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Life happens and it seems I have almost forgotten how to blog!  Looking back, my last post was February.  February!!  For sure I have been hard pressed on all sides and barely inspired to live life, much less living life inspired.  It truly has been one meal, one feeding, one diaper change,  one load of laundry, one cleaning task, one subject after the other set on repeat seemingly indefinitely.  I suppose thats the way of a homeschooling family with a newborn, although there are plenty of homeschooling momma’s out there with 6+ kids managing a home and a business.  I can’t for the life of me figure out just how that happens!  I’m just thankful that God has been giving me just enough strength/inspiration/motivation/ability to get through my days.  🙂

life happens

Baby bro is about a week away from his first birthday somehow.  I have enjoyed as many moments as I possibly could this time around and he as truly been a joy.  I was not able to experience the joy of parenting the first 2 times around like it should be or at least like most parents seem to experience.  That was made apparent going through baby bro’s first year.  So for that I’m thankful, too!

Little Bro just started 2nd grade, which totally blows my mind.  He is beginning to show a love for learning and a hunger for knowledge, which is so very cool to observe.  The biggest snag he faces is “hating” to read, but he’s finding he needs to if he wants to find out about the things he’s interested in.  Right now he’s super interested in electricity.  Good thing I chose physics and chemistry for science this year!

Big Bro is learning some hard lessons in his 4th grade year.  He’s hitting the wall with his attitude and behavior that we have been battling for so many years.  I just continue to stay on my knees and follow God’s leading and beg for healing.  I have been very excited to see progress in math and his reading skills.  He is actually gaining ground and getting ahead of Little Bro which is great considering I started them both on 1st grade level at the beginning of last year (Little Bro’s actual 1st grade year).  I truly expected him to get ahead a lot sooner than he did, but its finally happening and for that I am go grateful.

This is the first year I am going into the winter with very little preserved.  Usually I have a big garden and can or freeze most all our veggies and buy the fruits to can or freeze.  The past few years has been near disasters as far as produce production goes and last year I ended up buying all my produce.  But this year I just didn’t have the time to do the preserving.  Life just feels out of balance because its so different.  That pregnancy and first year plus the new lifestyle of homeschooling really threw me- more than I thought it would.  It feels like things are finally adjusting to a new normal here and I sure hope thats truly happening.

I sure have missed the inspiration to write here and the writing process.  Yet I wouldn’t trade the growth I have experienced myself or the experience of walking with my boys through life for anything in the world.  Watching learning come alive for them and being a first hand witness to the progress they are making is truly amazing.  Both the great and the horrible have been surreal to experience and witness.  And I know through it all God has been with us, leading and guiding.

I hope this post finds you well and I hope next time won’t be so long!

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