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Handling Anger

Handling Anger

Anger.  What a dirty little word.  It often brings up shame, memories of times and places, hurts and all sorts of other things.What do we do with it?  I will admit, anger is where I go first.  I hate that about myself and admire women who take everything in stride never seeming to be bothered.… Continue Reading

Managing Life

Another favorite book of mine is Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George. In it she carves out 7 areas us women must manage if we are to be pleasing God as a godly woman and be successful at managing life.  I just finished re-reading it and have found it so helpful in my… Continue Reading

The Godly Woman

In one of my favorite books, Created to be a Help Meet, by Debi Pearl explains the traits of a godly woman as described in scripture.  Taken from Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31:1-31, we find a blueprint for a life well-lived.  It is a tall order, but we can do all things in Christ’s strength.… Continue Reading