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LucillePicSquareMy name is Lucille and this is my home here on the web. I created this blog as a way to organize quotes, sayings, scripture, books and music that God had used to grow and encourage me in my walk with Him and in my life as a woman, wife and mom. This blog is also a nudge from the Holy Spirit. I had the idea and dismissed it, but He had other plans and clued me into the fact he was the one who put the idea in my head in the first place.

I am happily married to an amazing guy I call Hubby and we have two boys who keep us on our toes.  We have had a long road with Big Bro.  Part of the purpose of this blog is to encourage other moms when they are told there’s nothing wrong, yet clearly there is.  Big Bro and Little Bro are 2 years apart, get along as much as they fight and bring us joy each in their own way. There is never a dull moment in our house. If there is, it’s my que to find out what’s going on!

HubbyAndBigBroI love flowers and plants. Professionally I am a floral designer but I am blessed to stay home with my boys. You can see some of my floral work here. We have a fairly large garden and I preserve most of what I grow for the winter. This year I am designing the garden to extend the growing season and enable it to produce fresh produce for most of the year as well as full crops for canning and freezing.

Lately I have been finding joy in photographing plants, flowers and nature. The details that God has designed just blow me away. From the largest part of nature to the smallest and everything in between, it all begs us acknowledge His power, splendor and majesty. You simply can’t see Him and walk away unchanged. All the images I use here are my own work but should I borrow someone else’s, I will make a note under the picture.

BigBroLittleBroAlthough I grew up in a Christian home, God didn’t get a hold of my heart until after Big Bro came along. You can read my full testimony here. Since that night, my life has been changing. He is my source of strength and wisdom, place of rest and my joy.

It is my prayer that other women will find encouragement and inspiration through the words that I write here. Life is hard and perspective is everything. I would be honored to share the journey of life with you. There’s a sign up box just below to get my posts right in your inbox.

Inspired by Him,


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