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The Best Thing You Can Do When You’re Not Feeling Grateful

Are you struggling with not feeling grateful this Thanksgiving?  You’re not alone.  This year has been absolutely miserable for so many people. Lost jobs, virtual schooling kids while working your 9-5, and still the struggle to get dinner on the table. But worse because store shelves were empty and we were scared to go shopping!  

As Thanksgiving approaches, my Facebook feed is filling up with grateful posts. You’ve seen them- every day for the month of November people post something they are thankful for.  It’s a great idea but sometimes it’s hard.  Seeing what other people are thankful for can

Growth Through our Trials

How do you know if you have experienced growth through your trials?  It’s no secret that the Christian life will be full of trouble.  Jesus himself says that in this life we will have trouble.  Jesus also had to endure the trial of the crucifixion.  Paul was denied the removal of a thorn so that Christ’s strength could be made perfect in his weakness.  So we will surely have trials and troubles in this life.  But how do you know if they have produced growth?