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Million Dollar Question… Is it safe to till my garden?

It made me so sad. Reading through comments on a Facebook post,  I came across someone who was afraid to plant something because they didn’t want to hurt the soil. As a long-time avid gardener myself and coming from a family legacy of gardening, it made no sense. I had to read it twice to make sure I read it right. As I read through the other comments, I realized there are a lot of misinformed and confused people when it comes to gardening.

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Take your garden beyond organic this year for abundant produce!

Ppppsssss.  POP!

“Yep…. it’s good!”

Some of my earliest memories are of listening for those sounds when my mom would open a can of fruit or vegetable when preparing a meal.  That sound meant the seal was good and the food inside was safe to eat.  I may be biased, but there’s nothing better than home-canned fruit or vegetables!  There is no comparison between home-grown food and what we buy at the store- in flavor or nutrition.

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How to Enjoy Winter When You’d Rather Be Gardening

January is a beginning in so many ways. The year begins with rest, beauty, and the beginning of unseen growth. It looks like everything has ceased but there’s still plenty of life in the soil.  Life is hiding, just waiting for spring. Enjoying winter as a gardener is quite a treat and a very different experience than enjoying the summer garden. We are able to observe and enjoy rather than being busy tending. Here are 6 ways we can enjoy winter in the garden, even if we’d rather be gardening in the warm sun.

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How to Care for Fresh Christmas Decorations- 6 Tips for Success

Fresh cut Christmas greens garland draped railings with twinkling white lights and the fresh cut red and white flowers mixed with boxwood and balsam fir on the table have a way of inspiring me to decorate at Christmastime.  You just can’t beat the look and smell of fresh Christmas decorations.  Fresh Christmas decorations are definitely inspiring and drool-worthy. 

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How to Fertilize the Vegetable Garden Without Chemicals

If you are looking to fertilize your garden without chemicals like Miracle-Gro it will require an understanding of plant nutrients and organic fertilizers. Vegetable gardening can be supremely rewarding and incredibly frustrating. If the plants have good quality soil and the nutrition they need, they thrive.  We, in turn, are blessed with a lot of veggies and very little pests and disease problems. That’s the supremely rewarding part. If our garden soil is less than good quality and the plants don’t have the nutrition they need, things take on a very different story! 

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Soil Building: Build Your Success!

What would you say the most important part of a garden is? Is the value in the brand or kind of seeds/plants you grow?  How about the time spent tending to your garden?  Could it be the soil that your plants are growing in? What about knowledge?  Do you need to know everything there is to know before you start?  Which one is going to give you the greatest success in your gardening efforts? Don’t get me wrong. All of them are super important. If you buy seeds from a company that’s not reputable or snag last year’s seeds from a friend, you might have poor germination rates and trouble starting. If you don’t tend to your garden at all and let the weeds take over, you will have problems getting a good yield if you get any at all. 

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