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Do You Need an Inspirational Gift for a Christian Woman?

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I bet you have a special lady on your Christmas list who’s hard to shop for. Maybe she seems to not need anything or what she does need is too expensive for your budget but your relationship requires more than a gift card to Dunkin Donuts. 

Just about every year about now I sit down with a lined piece of paper and my favorite gel pen to list out who I need to buy Christmas gifts for. For the most part, I can think of ideas for my family but there’s usually at least one person whose line stays empty. I think for a bit, skip the line and move on, then circle back later. 

I’ve been looking for gifts for my hard-to-shop-for loved ones and I’d like to share four thoughtful gift ideas I have found that just might help you out too and an extra idea for that special girl, too. 

For the woman who loves the Lord here are 4 unique inspirational gifts to consider-

  1. Butterfly Box 
  2. Wind Chimes that play Amazing Grace
  3. Scripture Coffee Mug
  4. The Psalms Inspirational Coloring Book

And here’s a bonus idea.  For the special girl, give the gift of luxurious skincare-

  1. Arbonne Holiday Skincare 


Give inspiration. Give remembrance. Give encouragement. Give relaxation. Give curiosity.


Butterfly Box-

Give the gift of inspiration. 

Who couldn’t use something to enhance their walk with the Lord?!  Butterfly Box is a subscription box that is full of 4 – 6 selected top quality items that are sure to help someone feel renewed and refreshed. You can just purchase one and it will be delivered right to the recipient. Now through Nov 27, every box includes a free butterfly necklace!  


Amazing Grace Windchimes-

Give the gift of remembrance.

These wind chimes are tuned to play Amazing Grace.  This thoughtful gift will give over and over again as the person who is gifted this treasure remembers you and is also called back to the Lord when the notes waft on the wind.   


A Reminder of God’s Goodness- 
Give the gift of encouragement.

Even something as inexpensive and simple as a coffee mug can make a big impression when the message is one that reminds them to take time out for the Lord.  These particular custom mugs remind the person sipping a hot beverage of Isaiah Psalm 107:9 and Isaiah 46:4, which tell us that God’s goodness rescues, sustains, fulfills, and satisfies us. You can also find coordinating notebooks.


Psalms Coloring Book-

Taking just a few minutes to color while you meditate on scripture is an incredible way to relax.  There’s nothing more satisfying than watching colors blend together and after a long day or week. This gift will provide the gift of relaxation all throughout the year.  Make it extra special by adding a set of colored pencils.


Arbonne Holiday Skincare
Give the gift of luxury.

Good quality skincare that gets results will be a treat and that special lady will feel as special as she is!  You can trust Arbonne’s vegan skincare products to deliver results with squeaky clean ingredients that pamper and nourish the skin.  Shop Arbonne’s Holiday products right here!  (Bonus- you can 20% off by becoming a preferred customer and it’s free!)

Happy Shopping!  I hope this helped you find that perfect gift!

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