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I know this is a week late.  Last week flew by so fast it made me dizzy!  But anyhow, Easter weekend I contemplated the events of Good Friday through Easter morning as the weekend unfolded more than usual.  Haunted, maybe you could say, by the reality of what took place those 2000 years ago and aware of what that means for me.

Friday I kept thinking of the events leading up to Christ’s crucifixion and the pain that Jesus endured for those who belong to the Father. I learned that we get our word excruciating from the pain felt during a crucification. And Jesus endured excruciating pain for me.

Saturday I was very aware of how long the day was. It seemed forever since Friday and felt like Sunday would never get here. I thought of how long Saturday must have felt to Jesus’ mother and His friends- that first day after He was wrongly accused and executed. God had kept them from understanding what Jesus had told them about this event. I was also keenly aware of how long it must have felt to Jesus being in Hell separated from His father for that time. I’d imagine it was another kind of excruciating. And he endured that for me.

Sunday was just a breath of fresh air to celebrate the victory we have because of His conquering death and defeating Satan. No longer does Satan have any hold or power over the me because of the suffering and pain Jesus endured. I’m so grateful for what He did to redeem me and for the victory and freedom I have been given in Christ. He forgave my sins and Satan has no ability to condemn me.

Our pastor spoke on the death blows Jesus gave Satan and clearly laid out how when we listen to Satan’s voice and believe the lies that we aren’t good enough and that we don’t deserve salvation we essentially give Satan his power back and act as if what Jesus did wasn’t enough.

My heart cries out “Lord, keep me from ever acting that way. May I never minimize what you did for me but live in the victory and freedom you have graciously provided. ”

Through all the trials God has brought me through, He has drawn me closer to Himself. In this past year specifically He has brought me to a place of totally surrendering my life to His will.  Make no mistake, though.  That is not something thing I have done.  That is a work of grace in my life, something God enabled me to do. It has brought about an awareness of His holiness that makes me shudder at what I hear and see.

It has been from this place that Easter haunted me this year.  I know I haven’t gone deep enough or even begun to grasp its full meaning.  But this Easter touched me like it never has before.  It has begun to have personal meaning and I can’t wait to see what more God will show me in the future.

I pray this Easter season was extra special in your walk with the Lord and I encourage you to continue to seek Him above all else. There is such blessing in leaning into the Lord through life’s trials and truly seeking to know Him.

Truly, knock and the door will be opened, seek and you shall find. It may take perseverance on your part but the reward is amazing.

What struck you this Easter season? I would love to know! Leave your comment below.

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