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Your Grace is Enough, by Matt Maher

Beautiful sunshine.  Today there is finally no rain, yet there are dark storm clouds hovering over me threatening to swallow me up.  I am always amazed by the emotional roller coaster that life has me on.  The tears are not too far away today.

I suppose its because of the severity of the mood yesterday.  Big bro was in a reaction state.  It started before he even got out of bed.  So there we were on eggshells and just trying to make it through.  We made it, of course.  And after it was quiet, we realized that we haven’t had a day like that in quite some time.

But this bump happened just before the last day of school.  I know I have my work cut out for me this summer and I suppose yesterday just played into my fear.  The irrational fear that says the whole summer is going to be like this.  The fear that’s not supposed to be there.

So, feeling overwhelmed by all that I want to get done today before I have both kids home with me for the next 10 weeks and knowing I won’t get it all done, I dropped him off,  avoided a run-away child, left and then heard this song on the radio.

Once again, God met me in my darkest hour.  He sent a balm for my aching heart.  “My grace is enough.”  He says.   “I’m with you and I have still waters for you.”  I remember that He is in control and it is in His strength I live and breathe, anyway.

So I still feel like the tears are not too far away, but at least the darkness isn’t threatening to swallow me up.  And if nothing else, I can praise him for sending a balm for my soul and for being my Strength today.

Here is Matt Maher’s Your Grace Is Enough.  I hope it encourages you today!

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