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Kids Need Their Mom…. To Let Her Yes be Yes and Her No be No.

In chapter 7 of 52 Things Kids Need From Their Mom, Angela brings a bible verse out right up front and it couldn’t be better stated:

“Simply let your yes be yes
and your no be no”
Matthew 5:37a

In a world that is so indecisive and wishy-washy, it is very important that moms be steady and unwavering. Let your word be as a promise and be clear about what you really mean.

Angela calls it “grace-filled decisions” and encourages moms to mean what they say and keep their word.

She offers three good reasons in this chapter for keeping your word :

1.  we are training them to be like Jesus

2.  we are building their sense of security ,teaching them to trust in someone who is trustworthy

3. we are building inside of them the character of a future great leader, parent and spouse.

She closes with a bit of a proposition, acknowledging that maybe her reader hasn’t been doing a good job letting her yes be yes and no be no:

“How cool would it be for your children to watch you become that kind of mom right before their very eyes!”

Its never too late to start following Jesus!  You can choose today to become a mom who thinks, commits, and keeps her word.  In fact, today is the perfect time!

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