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Have you heard Francesca Battistelli’s new song yet?  It is called Write Your Story and it is amazing.  It is yet another one that I keep hitting repeat to hear it again.  and again.  It has a feel good tune but the words totally jive with me.  Take a listen if you haven’t heard it yet or want a chance to hear it again!

Her prayer in the song is for God to write His story on her heart and make her history His legacy.  If we are a blank open book and follow his lead in our lives, we will fulfill the purpose he has created us for and we will leave His legacy.  I am finding as I have found before that when we are in his will our lives are peaceful and calm.  Seeking His will for our lives and following his lead allows Him to write His story on our hearts.

I hope you enjoyed the song.  Have a Happy Tuesday!!

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