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When God Calls Your Name…

What a different celebration it was this year. I’m pretty sure everyone’s “normal” Easter activities didn’t happen and a lot of people couldn’t even go to church. Our church had a drive in service but we didn’t go because there was no way the littles would sit quietly in a vehicle for an hour. We just watched a cartoonish version of the Easter story so that Baby Bro could understand. 

I was pretty impressed with the facts and the details that were worked into that kids version and as I listened something struck me that hadn’t before. 

Easter is all about how Jesus is risen and how he conquered death and the devil. It’s all about forgiveness and payment of our sin and a celebration of the ability for us to have eternal life and spend eternity in heaven with the Lord. Those are wonderful things but there’s a piece missing.  Not everyone will experience that or receive those benefits. 

Three days after His death and burial, Mary was at the tomb mourning the death of her Savior.  She had found the tomb empty and was distraught over the assumption that the body had been moved. She had a conversation with a man she assumed was the gardener, begging him to tell her where they had taken Jesus’ body. And then the “gardener” spoke her name and it changed everything right there. God opened her eyes to see Him for who He was and everything became crystal clear. 

The parallels in this story to our own walk with the Lord stunned me for a minute. Jesus’ death and resurrection don’t mean anything until Jesus calls our name. When He opens our eyes to the truth of who He is, we are blinded by the same sadness, disappointment and fear that Mary felt. 

Jesus had just defeated the devil. He had just completed a larger-than-our-universe mission and yet he cared enough to come back and call one woman by name. 


One word unveiled her eyes and communicated the truth of the gospel personally to her.  Jesus’ death made it possible for Him to call us by name. He opened up the ability for us to have a personal relationship with Him and access to the Father. 

Regardless of what is going on around us and what we are facing, it takes just one word from the Lord to totally redirect our lives.  When you hear the Lord call your name, you will be forever changed. That is the beauty of what was done on the cross.

As we reflect on this past Easter, may we contemplate that truth.  Have you heard Him call your name?  

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