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The most amazing thing happened at our last appointment with Big Bro’s counselor.  She told him she needed to talk to mom and he could either pout (because he was mad that he had be there) or he could play with the toys.  Then she proceeded to tell me she had figured out what was going on! She had answers for us!

We are dealing with Overfocused Anxiety and Depression.  She handed me a sheet of paper with a diagram of the brain, with listed symptoms and treatments.  So we are starting some supplement therapy- serious probiotic and something called 5HTP along with continuing with fish oil.  And we need to up his carbs along with going gluten free.

The little bit of digging I have done has discovered that it is an imbalance within the brain, specifically the anterior cingulate.

I so love the word imbalance.  It imply’s that balance can be achieved.  And with balance will come normalcy- cognitive flexibility, cooperation, the ability to go with the flow, shift attention and move from idea to idea.

It seems that this area of the brain overlaps to some degree with the sensory issues we are dealing with, so who knows what level of healing will come by getting his brain in balance.

The counselor, Jayne Acomb, will be starting ANT therapy with him this week on a weekly basis and hopefully the school psychologist as well during the year.  As I begin to look into all these supplements, therapies and brain systems I keep reading things that are all to familiar in our daily life, conversations and struggles.

After 4 1/2 years of being told there was nothing wrong and to keep on keeping on, this seems quite surreal yet a amazing answer to prayer.

Stay tuned!  This could get interesting!!

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