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Kids Need Their Mom…. To Watch Them Go Out Of Sight.

I started reading this curiously… I thought it was referring to our children growing up and becoming independent.  So it was refreshing to find out that it was really revealing a way to love them!

Stand and wave until you can’t see them.  Watch the bus drive away until it disappears.  Just let them know you have the time to be there for them.  The trick is to wait like you mean it.  Not with your foot tapping, but really communicate that you will miss them because you enjoy their company!

You know how it was during the dating years?  So in love you hung onto the phone and let him hang up first…watched his car til you couldn’t see it anymore?  Do you remember how loved you felt when he did things like that back to you?  That’s how you want your kids to feel.  That their momma loves them and loves being around them.

I know this is not my strong point.  Honestly, if you want to see the ugliness of my soul, I can’t get away fast enough!  But I am realizing the importance of kids feeling wanted, that their parents want them around and enjoy their company. I actually said to my hubby the other night after a really rough day with our older son- “Do you think he feels like we enjoy him?”.  The ramifications of that statement have been sinking in since I uttered those words.

So one small step for me is just standing at the edge of the carpet as he walks down the hall toward his classroom.  Today he never looked back, but when he does, he’s going to see his momma smiling.

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