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We had the most amazing sermon this morning.  Our pastor is going through Luke and we are currently on Luke 3.  That is the chapter after the Christmas story that continues to verify and qualify Jesus as God’s son.

This week honed in on Mary and Joseph and their lineage.  Both were descendants of Adam, Abraham and David.  Both were Jewish and directly in the kingly line.  Joseph, if you read the genealogy in Matthew is directly in the kingly line, just like Mary.  All of his descendants sat on the thrown ruling Israel.  Of course, culturally Mary’s lineage meant nothing- a man could not claim the throne on account of his mothers lineage, but biologically he did descend from David and Abraham.  Most people in that day would assume that Joseph was his father and so in that line as well he could claim royalty.  However, the last King of Israel was godless and Jeremiah the prophet cursed the family line.  No one from that line would ever sit on the throne to rule again.  So although Jesus came from that line, he was exempt from the curse due to the fact that biologically he was not part of the family.

God used Mary because she was willing to be used.  Joseph was willing to be used by God.  He was used, too, by not being used.  Pretty amazing how God orchestrated it all even down to minute details.

The thing that struck me the most and what I walked away with is that God has created us to be used by Him (or not used as in Joseph’s case).  If we are willing, he will use us for his purposes.  He has already given us specific gifts and talents with a specific plan on how he wants those used to further his kingdom.

Pretty spectacular!

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