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Unconditional Love- Not I, But Christ

I love how God speaks through others and everything around us.  This week I have been wrestling with a few things and have been really praying and having to live it on purpose. The rubber has been meeting the road, faith colliding with reality.  And because I was seeking God and letting him carry me through the sand I could sense his whisper almost everywhere.  It seemed that starting with the sermon on Sunday morning, every blog post and book I read, song I heard on the radio, and even conversations with friends resonated with relevancy.  Praise God he doesn’t leave us hanging when we need Him the most!

So I am taking away a few things from my journey.

No day wasted.

Love unconditionally– specifically the point about doing someone good who is hurting you (make their life better) and praying for them (their salvation and/or relationship with the Lord).

We love because He first loved us.

I guess I wrote those in the wrong order.

How humbling it is, in the midst of being hurt, to realize that we do those same things that hurt us to God and His unconditional love never fails.  He continues to lavish his love and blessing on us no matter how we stumble, trip or fall.  He even endured death because of His love.

So if God loves us like that, then who are we to hold our love from someone because of an offense that may not even have been on purpose!  I mean, we don’t purposefully test God or disobey Him, do we?

In light of that, then let no day be wasted.  Make sure every moment we are given counts for the kingdom in some way.  Every moment, every minute, every day God’s unconditional love needs to be flowing through us and touching those around us.

If they don’t see God in us, will they see Him at all?

I am sure glad I don’t have to do that in my own strength.  So glad he paid the ultimate price to wash my sin away and make me white as snow.  We can give unconditional love because he has given that to us.  I am so thankful its not in my strength. Not I, but Christ in me.

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