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Two Resources for the Easter Season

Signs of spring are beginning to show up!  I have seen bright green moss and skunk cabbage flowers and growth happening.  These are the first two signs of spring that happen in our woods.



And along with spring comes Easter.  It is fast approaching us and I am excited to dive into understanding and applying this special time.   My heart is wanting to help the boys begin to understand also.  We are at a point in development where Big Bro is seemingly able to understand and be taught.  (Like, finally after 5 years, he has finally learned to stay on his bed and fall asleep at bedtime)  It has become apparent that it is time to begin intentionally teaching about God and begin helping him build character.

So with that on my mind, I am sharing a few resources for the Easter season that I will be using in the next month for myself and my boys.

Focus on the Family has a site they are affiliated with called Kids of Integrity.  It gives you tools for building godly character in children.  There are lessons and activities and all sorts of things available there.  I am looking forward to using that with the boys- the question is literally, where in the world to I start!

A few posts ago I mentioned the Good Morning Girls bible study on being intentionally focused.  They are beginning another study on Sunday called Why Easter Matters.  I have downloaded the study materials both for me and the materials for the boys.  It looks like it is going to be amazing.  You will need to subscribe before you can access the study materials, but I can say that it is totally worth it.  I love their approach because instead of just reading a devotional and someone else’s thoughts, it is just guided time with God.  So you pray and read His word and listen to what He wants to tell you through the scripture.

Another resource I have found is an eBook by Ann Voskamp called Trail to the Tree.  I don’t know what to expect with it but anything I have read from Ann is amazing and thought provoking.  God has used alot of her work to produce growth in my life.

Just for the sake of easy, here are all three resources listed:

1.  Kids of Integrity
2.  Good Morning Girls bible study
3.  Trail to the Tree

If you have any resources for the Easter season that you use and love either for yourself and/or your family, I would love it if you would share in the comments for me!

Have a lovely weekend!!



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