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Twenty Things to Teach Boys

20Thingsimg2I’ll be honest.  The way our world is going really scares me and I am concerned about the road our children will need to walk down. More and more secular morals and ideas that contradict Christianity are bombarding them and these are the top twenty things I feel we should teach boys who are being raised for the Lord.

My two little men happen to to be strong-willed with a strong personalities.  I am very thankful for this, despite the parenting challenges they present.  I know that once they get their mind made up there will be no shaking them.

When its all said and done, these are the things I pray will have been instilled in them through the Lord’s guiding, our example and life lessons.

Twenty Things To Teach My Boys

1. Love the Lord your God. Seek His will and strive to follow Him all your days.  Look to Him for guidance and direction first.

2. Pray and be a spiritual leader. Peer pressure is a very real and serious thing. Be a good example and others will follow.

3. Cherish your family. Learn to enjoy their company.  Family is a gift from God so hold yours close to your heart and make time for them.

4. Wait for the girl God has chosen for you. Hold your standards high and you will be blessed beyond measure.   Remember you can only have your first kiss one time.

5. Be a gentleman and treat everyone kindly. It is better to be kind than right.  Hold a door and make everyone feel special.  After all, everyone is precious in God’s sight.

6. Take pride in your appearance.  Your body is God’s temple so in essence how you care for your body is an act of worship.  Keep in shape, make healthy food choices and be appropriately dressed.

7. Learn how to win honorably and lose gracefully. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your behavior. Be able to roll with the fun and disappointment life throws at you.

8. Manage your time and money well.  Being financially free does not just happen.  It is something done on purpose.  Having these under control will allow you to be used by God to further His kindgom.

9. Be a blessing whenever you can! Become familiar with indoor and outdoor tasks and tools.  If you see something that needs to be done, do it quickly and cheerfully.

10. Be patriotic.  Love your country, pray for those in authority and be aware of what’s going on.

11. A sense of humor goes a long way.  Don’t be too serious or too much of a comedian. Keep a good balance of the two.

12. Be proud of your accomplishments. Your knowledge and education is something that nobody can take away from you.  Always be ready to learn something new.

13. Set boundaries and stand up for yourself.  Don’t ever be talked into something you are not comfortable with.  Pressure to say yes is a sure sign you need to take a step back and think it through.

14. Honesty and integrity go hand in hand. These two character traits will help people to like and trust you. You will find success in your life, both for you and your families benefit, as a blessing from the Lord.

15. Mutual respect is earned in a good relationship.  If you want to be respected, you must show respect to others and be considerate of their feelings.  It is crucial to respect those in authority.

16. Communication is key.  In every area of your life, be up front, honest and willing to have those tough conversations.

17. Be a good listener.  Sometimes people need a problem solved and sometimes they just to vent.  Before you respond, figure out which they need!

18. Learn and understand the Five Love Languages.Be aware of how those around you feel loved and then appropriately speak their love language.  Remember, love covers a multitude of sins!

19. Work diligently.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.  Stay on task and finish what you start.

20. Remember the elderly.  Be a ray of sunshine in their week.  They will enjoy hearing about the happenings in your life and love to share the sage advice that comes only from experience.

If you have taught or are teaching your boys other important lessons not listed here… please leave them below.  Thanks!

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