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Created to be His Helpmeet

In one of my favorite books, Created to be a Help Meet, by Debi Pearl explains the traits of a godly woman as described in scripture.  Taken from Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31:1-31, we find a blueprint for a life well-lived.  It is a tall order, but we can do all things in Christ’s strength.

Interestingly enough, the Proverbs 31 woman fits nicely into the Titus 2 description and it is worth remembering and keeping out sights on.

Feel free to look up and read the scripture- I am just going to leave a checklist here.

Traits of a Godly Woman

~be sober~
~love your husband~
~love your children~
~be discreet~
~be chaste~
~be a keeper at home~
~be good~ *
~obey your husband~

*Traits of a Good Woman

~virtuous therefore worth more than rubies~
~does good to her husband all her days~
~seeks work and works willingly with her hands~
~manages the gathering and food preparation of her family wisely~
~gets up early and serves her others~
~manages finances well, both being frugal and adding to the income~
~physically strong and capable~
~a careful and watchful manager over her home and business~
~embraces the menial work required~
~attends to the poor and needy~
~plans and prepares in advance for her families well-being~
~she is a craftsman and masters skills needed to provide for good quality for her family~
~is the woman behind the man enabling her husband to be respected~
~does business and sells what she creates~
~emotionally stable and not swayed by circumstances~
~seeks personal growth, values learning, gains wisdom and is kind~
~diligent and hard worker~
~has a happy heart and good outlook~
~excels at being virtuous~
~is not caught up in and does not chase physical beauty~
~is respected and known for the fruit of her labor~

In essence, a godly woman has 7 areas of her life to manage: spiritual, physical, home, financial, social, mental, and ministry.  Phew!

By the way- virtuous is by definition:  Having or showing high moral standards.
Synonyms are: chaste, moral, righteous, and honest.

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