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The Biggest and the Smallest- Our God’s Design

You just can’t observe nature and God’s design and not find yourself changed with the perspective they give you about our Creator.  Psalm 33 tells us that God breathed the stars into existence.

I left a MOPS meeting a few years ago with my mind blown after getting a glimpse of the universe and just how big it is, which made me realize just how BIG God must be.  You can get a taste of the size of the universe here.

The size of the earth in comparison to the universe and its size blew my mind, but when the conversation came to the intricate detail in the cellular level, I find myself speechless for a while as my brain wrapped itself around Our Great God.

Take a look at something called Laminin.

WOW.  And He loves and cares about us and the intricacies in our lives.  Of course, the human body is yet another amazing mind-blowing creation.

I am truly thankful for the power of perspective!

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