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A few days ago I read a devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries all about obedience. The author was Nicki Koziarz and she shared  a story of a woman who did not follow God’s direction in her life and deeply regretted it.  As I read what Nicki had to say, God gently reminded me of something he wanted me to do.  You see, a few months ago, the idea for this blog formed in my mind.  Life happened and the idea got pushed aside.  After all, who am I and what could I possibly have to say?

As days went on after reading that devotional, it seemed that conformation was everywhere in something I read, something I heard and even in my thoughts.  My thoughts began to argue with themselves, yet each time a discouraging thought entered my mind, there was another right behind it that quietly and surely stilled the doubt.  I could sense God answering my questions.

So here we are.  Here is the beginning, the launching post of Life Well Inspired.  I have no idea what God’s big picture or plan is for this blog or even my life.  But I do know that I want the life God has planned for me and I do want to listen to his still small voice of direction.

He has brought me on an amazing journey in the past year, calling me closer to Himself and changing me to be more like Jesus.  He opened my eyes to areas in my life that were not pleasing to him and needed major overhaul.  Through scripture, friends, sermons and books, there has been great pruning.  Thankfully, with great pruning, comes new healthy growth.

Our church just finished a project called Cardboard Testimonies.  Anyone who wanted to participate could  give a testimony of where they had been and where they are now, because of God.

My cardboard on one side said:

Felt worthless
Controlled by others opinions.

The other side said:

Free in Christ
Learning for myself
Discovering who God made me to be

It is from this place that this blog comes.  The place of discovering who God made me to be.  He is bringing my talents and interests into clear focus and showing me how he wants them used for His glory.

It is my prayer that others reading and following this blog will be encouraged to draw close to God and honor him with their talents and interests as well.  Please join me on this incredible journey!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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