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This verse has a powerful message.   No matter what God has put in our life, regardless of how big or small, we will have sufficient grace to do it all well.   To God’s glory and for his work.  Really, it’s not about us being successful in our lives or activities but His using us for His purposes of reaching out to those around us. I have come to realize that the events of our lives, our gifts and talents, everything we have are things we have been blessed with to be used for God. That has put amazing perspective and purpose to my life. From the toughest parenting challenges to the most joyful expression of my design creativity, God has plans to use it to further His kingdom.
I have to remember that when anxiety tries to take over or life threatens to swallow me whole. He can shine through that moment like the sun peaking through the clouds and His grace is more than enough! Its kind of like a roller coaster.   The ride has you going through loops, up, down and all around, but despite the chaos you can relax in the super safe and tight harness holding you in the seat.
Lately I have been quite taken and aware of the sky, mostly the clouds, their color and formation.  I am not sure how I have missed that beauty my whole life, but it sure is spectacular.  Just that alone reminds me how incredible, amazing and beautiful our God truly is.  And to think that he holds me fast through life’s twists and turns brings me peace and offers me the chance to catch my breath.  
For me, the sky speaks of His glory and majesty.
What speaks of His glory and majesty to you? 

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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