Life Well Inspired

Spring has sprung for sure.  It is so inspiring to look out to see the green blush of spring bathed in sunshine.  It reminds me that God’s mercies are new each morning and there is no better picture of that than an early spring morning.

Matt Maher’s song “Lord, I Need You” has been playing constantly for me.  I can’t seem to get enough of it, I love the prayer and worship in it.  I pray it gives perspective to the pictures below.  I sure do need the God who created this world in its intricacies. His details are awesome and humbling.








All nature surely points to the Lord and His ways.  We can see that in the suffering of winter nature perseveres and character shines through in the spring as life is revitalized, bringing spring’s hope to this world.  It is inspiring to see this in action as nature shows the truth through example.

So here’s to character and hope and His working hand!

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