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Spring beauty is exciting when it finally arrives!  This year it seemed to take forever, almost like winter was never going to let go!  As my boys and I were wandering around, I came across a few things that I am always excited to see in the spring.  Things that I miss the rest of the year.  I love the trilliums in our woods, although this year the show was less than spectacular than normal.  The violets line our driveway in bright purples and later on in yellows.  The ferns in my hollowed-out-stump planter begin to unfurl so daintily.  The pretty pink star-shaped blooms of the hepatica open up, although this year I never did see them.  Our creek flows freely in the spring and is so peaceful.  It reminds me of Psalm 23 as I walk through and listen to the water flowing.  And as the leaves come out and return our privacy to us the driveway becomes a leafy tunnel of sorts.  The beauty of God’s creation is all around us and I can’t help but stand in awe of Him.

Our little piece of heaven here in the woods just makes me smile.  Although we have so much work to do inside the house to remodel and repair as well as so much landscaping to do outside, the beauty of nature makes the to-do list fade away.  Its as if God is saying here’s a little beauty in the midst of the mess, take a breath and carry on!  I love that God makes Himself known in these little ways.

This year I am finally able to finish my perennial bed around the house and am looking forward to putting down mulch this year for the first time since I built them.  My fairly maintenance free cottage style perennial bed is going to be a dream realized!  It is exciting to finally be done creating and move into maintenance mode.  It has been neat to see in the past year as the boys are getting older that ongoing projects are being finished.  The biggest ongoing “project”  has been Big Bro and all the research that I have poured into him.  With the introduction of meds, things have been much better.  I know there is still more to do with  him, but it sure does feel like the worst is over- like the ongoing “project” is done.  And that is an amazing feeling.  Its kind of appropriate in light of putting winter behind and the spring season emerging and new growth outside.

I took a few pictures of my favorite spring things from this year to share and I have linked to last years spring beauty above.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.




Have a lovely weekend…I think the rain is supposed to stop soon!

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