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Kids Need Their Mom…. To Make Them Sit Around The Table… and Linger.

This must be important.  This week’s chapter topic followed on the heals of our Raising a Pure Generation Bible Study that had the same topic but a little broader.

Family Togetherness.  It seems to be a hinge pin concept in the parenting/relationship building path most of us are on.

I had to laugh.  Angela’s very first statement is “My kids like to eat standing up.”  Well, I can certainly relate to that.  Keeping little butts on the chairs is a challenge here too!

But all jokes aside, having the family sit round the table is one huge and powerful way to communicate to our children that we value them and love them.

“We are communicating to them in the simplest way, this time is valuable, but looking at you is one of the best things I’ve done all day.”

Engage them.  Asking about the highs and lows of their day is a great game.  Sometimes we play Rose, Thorn and Spaghetti (best, worst and silly).  Be creative in the timing and place.  It doesn’t always have to be at the kitchen or dining room table eating a formal meal.

Anything we can do to stay close and connected to them is building a foundation for them to stand on as they grow up and as we raise them to be pure in heart, mind and body for the Lord.

Now, more than ever it is crucial for the home and family to be the central and neutral location of our kids lives- their safe zone.

I would love you to leave one way you encourage family togetherness.  Let’s make a list together!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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