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Search My Heart, by Hillsong

Almost as an afterthought, Dr West mentioned that in some kids the behavior gets worse as the moro reflex gets challanged and is eliminated.  I never gave it a second thought.  Within the first two weeks, Big Bro’s intensity lessened and the boys were playing together happily with lots of give and take between them and we were excited with the positive changes.

And then everytthing got worse.  Like a severe reaction.  Like behavior from a year or two ago.  We are back to locking the office door with the basement and upstairs off limits unless someone is with him.  Back to crisis mode.  Interestingly, we are seeing the same things at home as they are seeing at school, which tells us that he really can’t help himself.  We are all working super hard at helping him keep it together.

All that to say, as usual in crisis mode, I find myself on my needs praying for wisdom and direction and God’s will.  My personal growth has brought me to a point where I am reconsidering everything and we have some decisions on the table.  So in the midst of the turmoil, this is where I find myself.  Just like the song says:

Search my heart and search my soul.
There’s nothing else that I want more.
Shine Your light and show Your face.
In my life Lord have Your way.
Hear my cry and hear my prayer.
Draw me close I know You’re near.
Give me strength and give me grace.
To walk with You Lord all my days.
So with all my heart and all my soul.
With all I am. Lord I will follow You.

Here is the song- Enjoy your day!

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