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Are you longing for a gift of Peace that will set you free?

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As I walk through the crowded grocery stores each week, I have noticed there’s no one to smile at. People seem to be almost afraid to look others in the eye as if they might somehow pass on this virus. Panic, fear, and a lack of friendliness have been running rampant lately. More people are in need of the gift of peace than any other year before. 

Ironically, the theme of the second week of Advent is peace. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace. No matter what’s going on in the world around us, current events are no match for Him. They can’t steal the peace that Jesus gives. 

Recently I wrote about the hope of Christmas and how the Christmas story begins back in Genesis. The overarching story in the Old Testament is filled with foreshadowings and prophecies of Christ. It all points to the one who would bring us peace. 

The very one whose birth we celebrate here at Christmas time.

The one whose birth was announced by angels declaring Peace on Earth. 

The one who was born to die so that we might live eternally. 

The one whose blood would make us appear blameless before God.

The one who would save us from eternal separation from God.

The one who would offer us entrance into heaven and the ability to live with Him forever.

The one who offers us peace for the taking. 

The entwining story that unfolds within the chapters of the Bible brings us to a place of more profound forgiveness and understanding, a place of gratitude for what happened because of His birth and how much He loves us. He invites us to a place of healing and escorts us out of the darkness.

Christmas is about the Savior that set us free, the one who provided joy and peace.  

He’s the reason we can possess the peace that passes understanding. He came to give us the gift of peace even in the middle of all the noise, trouble, and hard times. 

Peace: it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work; it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart -unknown.
(from Made Like Martha by Katie M. Reid

In other words, we can have peace amid the noise, trouble, and hard work because he came here to earth, was born to a human woman, and laid in that manger so many years ago. God’s peace will satisfy your longings in the midst of chaos. We are more than just alive!

We are alive beyond just the breath of life simply because he came to this earth, lived, and died to offer us this new life with a peace that sets us free.  What an exquisite thought!  

He was born to deliver the gift of peace to us. 

To free us from the anxiety, the panic, and the need to play it safe. 

Many years ago, Mary was about to embark on a journey like no one had ever experienced and one that no one would ever experience again. There was no playing it safe for her. Her willingness to be used by God brought peace to people through many generations. I wonder if Mary comprehended what God was doing or just how far-reaching her obedience would be in those early days of motherhood. 

The baby in the manger changed everything and ushered peace into the world. 

What’s amazing is that we never know what saying yes to God will produce. That is a mind-blowing thought, and it inspires me to seek His will in my life and, like Mary, be willing to obey. It is an honor to spread the good news of Jesus and spread His gift of peace to the hurting world around me. 

So, the next time you’re out, look as many people in the eye as you can and spread the gift of God’s peace in this season.  


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