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Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Today we take some time to pause and defend our little unborn ones, fighting to save their lives.  Defending our unborn little ones, though. comes down to education and having all the options available as well as the emotional support to make an informed decision.  In the moment, unplanned pregnancy is scary at best.  It changes everything… course of life, relationships with friends, parents, peers, and possibly the partner.  Without support it would be impossible to walk that road alone.

I am not debating whether a fetus is a human life or not.  I personally believe that human life begins at conception.  In Luke’s account of the Christmas story, Scripture says that Elizabeth’s “babe lept in her womb” when she saw Mary.  If the Bible calls what’s in the mother’s body a baby, then so do I. (Luke 1:39-45 )  But truthfully, that is the last thing on someone’s mind when facing unplanned pregnancy.  What they need is care support, accurate information and a safe place to think things through.

Within the next month, Pregnancy Resource Center of the Valleys located in Bath, NY is opening up a satelite pregnancy resource center right here in Geneseo NY. They provide all the support needed both for men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy from testing and accurate information to parenting and personal growth classes.

And today they begin their Baby Bottle Campaign.  All proceeds will go to the Geneseo center.  Many churches are helping out and handing out baby bottles to be filled with change.  Please be sure to grab one and fill it up, either by yourself or with family and friends.

Bottles are due March 3rd.

If your church is not participating yet or you need a bottle to fill and a place to turn it in, email me at and I will make sure you have what you need.

For more information on the services available visit Pregnancy Resource Center of the Valleys.  If you think you are pregnant please visit their Option Line.

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