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Hormone Reset Detox Resources

(some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission from any purchases you make through them.)

Here is the big resource list for the Hormone Reset Detox!

I will be using a Facebook group to post the menu and journal prompts, do the morning devotion, post encouragement throughout the day, and more. You’re free to participate as much or as little as you would like, but make sure you join, so you don’t miss the information and encouragement! I’ll let you know when the group is open.

So make sure you read through the article, print out the pdf, make your grocery list, purchase your ingredients, and locate anything you’ll need to prepare the food so you’re ready to go! Here is the link to the article again, if you still need it:

Download the Main Program pdf:

FREE 4-Day Detox Plan


Alisa Vitti recommends a few things that I found a little tricky to locate, so here they are on Amazon (they are affiliate links) if you are having trouble locating them locally.

Mung Beans– These powerful little beans are amazing at cleansing. I would suggest using the Mung Bean Minestrone recipe. I found them in bulk at my local health food store for much cheaper, but they are available on Amazon with prime shipping.

A juicer– Fresh juice is very effective during a detox. I would recommend the fresh juice recipe Alisa recommends over another “green drink.” Borrow from a friend, find used, or buy new, but you won’t regret using the specific fresh juice she has us make!

Fiber supplement– Fiber Smart by RenewlifeFiber Fusion by Enzymatic Therapy, or Daily Fiber Boost by Arbonne. (I love that there are extra nourishing herbs in the Daily Fiber Boost from Arbonne!). Of course, you can also use one you already love. 


I also recommend using a few additional items. In full transparency, I am an independent consultant with Arbonne, but I’m only recommending these products because they have helped me, and I love that they are made with clean, vegan ingredients. I use them during the detox program. They are just a suggestion and totally optional. (If you order the Hormone Reset Bundle, I can help you get 20% off and a free full-size product gift of your choice). You may already have a detox tea or other products you like and have used before. Anything similar would be helpful- just keep in mind that the detox removes animal products, dairy, wheat, sugar, and other ingredients that are hard for the body to digest and process. Make sure whatever products you choose are free of those ingredients.

Activated Charcoal– Since this is a detox, it is helpful to use a binder to get the bad stuff out. Charcoal is a great binder and will help the body get rid of the toxins and excess estrogen being pulled out of your system. It would be helpful to take this once a day and anytime you are experiencing more unpleasant detox symptoms.

Arbonne Body Cleanse– This lemonade-tasting drink is fantastic for flushing toxins out and tastes great in the process. I used this to help offset the water.

Arbonne Detox tea– Another powerful product, this blend of herbs formulated to cleanse the body will enhance the detox process for you. I drink this almost every day, not just during a detox or cleanse.

Arbonne Gut Health– This is a pretty amazing probiotic with prebiotics and digestive enzymes. I recommend a probiotic every day but especially during a detox or cleanse. (**if you’re using the FiberSmart by RenewLife, you won’t need an extra probiotic**)


You will want to print the Bliss Balls recipe for the Seed Cycling (for use after the program). Also, a food processor is essential to help you make them!

Print the Seed Cycling Recipe:

Hormone-Balancing Bliss Balls For Seed Cycling 


Just a few tips (why I recommended the above products) –

  • Sprouting enhances the nutrition in the seeds. These pumpkin and sunflower seeds don’t need to be dehydrated first- you can skip the first step!
  • Maca is best used by our bodies when it is gelatinized.
  • Flax seeds go rancid quickly, so buying them whole and grinding them as needed is ideal.
  • food processor will make this process a lot faster and simpler!


Hormone Friendly Cleaning and Personal Care products:


Award-winning Products from 100% PURE: One of my favorite companies with clean personal care and products is 100 Percent Pure. I have used their hair care and nail polish in the past. Their products are high quality with squeaky clean ingredients, plus they use fruit to color their products. They are worth checking out!

Ora Wellness: For many years, I have used Ora Wellness dental care products. Their Shine Remineralizing powder and Heal Thy Mouth Blend are hands down the best tooth care I have ever used. They introduced me to the Bass Method of brushing, and I feel the difference. In addition, they use essential oils to balance the flora in the mouth for maximum health benefits. 

Kapa Nui Nails: You can easily ditch the harmful chemicals without sacrificing quality if you value painted nails. I have recently discovered Kapa Nui Nails and have been loving their nail polish. As a mom of little kiddos, painting my nails is almost impossible, but I can manage my toes. Their water-based polish is dried with a blow dryer, so there’s no chance I can smudge the polish. Super easy, and it has great lasting power, also. This Hawaiian company is definitely worth checking out! 

Arbonne: When it comes to nutrition, skincare, makeup, and hair care, I love Arbonne’s products. I have tried many, many brands in my lifetime, and I have settled on Arbonne. They have a list of over 2000 ingredients they won’t use in their products. My favorite thing about them is that they incorporate herbs into their products to increase their effectiveness! A company that combines herbs, nutrition, and steers clear of harmful ingredients has my attention! That’s why I became a consultant for Arbonne. I love that they incorporate herbs into their products and see health from a mind/body connection. The discounts available to preferred customers and consultants are very generous, too. I also love that it’s totally fine to be a consultant to get a bigger discount with no pressure to “do the business.” This is also a company worth checking out.

Clean Mama Have you ever heard of Clean Mama? She teaches a method of daily cleaning to maintain a clean home through small tasks each week. She has fantastic cleaner recipes for those who like to DIY. She also has a line of cleaning products. My absolute favorite is her laundry powder.

Melaleuca– Another favorite company of mine is Melaleuca. They also have nutritional, personal, skincare, and makeup product lines, but my favorite is their cleaners. While you need a membership to shop with them, it is worth it for the peace of mind. I remember my sensory toddler wiping the cleaner spray bubbles from the table to his mouth as fast as I could spray and wipe and being relieved that it wouldn’t hurt him. Of course, I stopped him as soon as I could, but I probably would have had to call Poison Control if it had been a conventional cleaner. They are environmentally friendly, also. You can check them out here: