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Taking time for reflection is a good thing.  Achieving peaceful calm is not something that just happens.  Reflection has helped me to understand that all the layers involved with just one phrase revolve around one thing- my walk with the Lord.  There is the personal layer, the mother layer, the wife layer and the home layer but reflection has taught me that my heart needs to be right with God so that I am the kind of woman, wife and mother that I am called to be.

I have not yet found a verse to go along with my phrase, but I am looking.  I know God will show me one in His time.  For now though, my prayer in the mornings is for God to show himself through me and to fill me with the fruit of His spirit.  I have experienced a lack of over-reaction, even calm if you will, throughout the happenings of my day when that is my prayer.

Amazingly, when I feel that calm, Big Bro is unable to engage me which brings more peaceful calm to our home and allows for teachable moments.

Besides my walk with the Lord, I have found incredible relief and calm through my diet.  As I have mentioned before, in trying to help Big Bro I went gluten-free as well but ended up grain-free.  Since making those changes, I have been experiencing more restful sleep,  and less brain fog, exhaustion and overwhelm.  I feel a greater ability to maintain my home and my schedule, adding another layer to the peaceful calm.

I feel this is an answer to prayer for wisdom and it is so awesome to be able to recognize God’s hand in it all.

It is exciting to think about all that this year holds as I learn more and strive to achieve more peaceful calm in my life and accept the blessings God has in store for me.

Have you chosen your theme or verse yet for this year?  I encourage you to reflect on it and start amazing blessings in your life!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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