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I am happy to say that our house smells like fresh paint!  The project is done!  The textured ceilings are now a memory, the extra additions to the ceiling have been removed and repaired and it looks amazing!  What a grueling 2 weeks that was but it was so worth  and it was incredibly satisfying.

We were a week behind schedule considering we traditionally get our tree and decorate for Christmas the first weekend in December, but finally got decorated for Christmas this past weekend and so now all the Christmas festivities and activities may begin.

So I thought today, I’d share some before pictures and reveal the after results of my labor.  There was horrible “texture” on the ceiling,  a metal piece that was part of a chimney and an extra light in the hallway.  I am so thankful the ceiling was not painted, so it was just a matter of sanding away the spackle:



I scraped off all those points, sanded it smooth, made an incredible mess and then filled in all the divots with spackle:




Hubby removed the 2 extra things in the ceiling and we got those areas repaired, primed and painted.  And it’s done!!




So there’s what I have been up to the past 2 weeks.  Next up is a kitchen floor install, living room floor refinishing, replacement of light fixtures and the trim/baseboard for the whole area.  Those are beyond my personal DIY skills- so I have to wait on Hubby to get ready to tackle those with me.  It shouldn’t be long now, though, because the basement is freshly cleaned out and prepared for working and the ceiling is done.

I’ll keep you posted!

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