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Our Savior is a Prison Shaker!

Prison shaker.  Can you just imagine the power of God who can shake rocks and break iron chains?  I’ve been thinking a lot about trials, adversity, prayer and God’s faithfulness.  It is that same prison-shaking God who can bring about a peace in our hearts as peaceful as this scene.


It has been a long hard uphill climb for me for a while now and this song just spoke right to me when I heard it for the first time the other day.  I thought I’d share it with you in case you needed a faith-booster today.

The song got me thinking and so I went back and read the story of Paul and Silas and the time that God actually was a prison shaker and shook their prison so that the bonds that bound them broke.  What a complex story full of treasures!  You can find the story in Acts 16.

God actually called them to go to Thyatira, a city in Macedonia, interrupting their travel plans.  Because of their obedience, many people were saved.  And through their imprisonment, they were able to share the gospel with people that they normally wouldn’t have been able to reach- the other prisoners, the jailer and other officers- even the magistrates that threw the book at them.

In the middle of the night, these two men in a dark stone dungeon and uncomfortable, possibly even painful, stocks are praying and praising the Lord loudly so that the whole jail can hear them.  Then God, a powerful prison shaker, shows up in a miraculous way, in an earthquake, and frees not only Paul and Silas but all the prisoners as well.  God provided a way for the lives of Paul and Silas to be a testimony to those around them.

On the earthquakes, Matthew Henry writes:

The Lord was in these earthquakes, to show his resentment of the indignities done to his servants, to testify to those whose confidence is in the earth the weakness and instability of that which they confide, and to teach people that, though the earth be moved, yet they need not fear.   

Friend, the scary stuff happening around us is not meant to hurt us.  God is in the terrible things, sometimes fighting for us.  And it allows others to be introduced to our wonderful Savior through us.

So let your life be your testimony.

Praise Him with all you’ve got.

Worship Him at the top of your lungs.

Let Him be your chain-breaker.

Let Him be your way-maker.

Watch Him be your prison-shaker.

Enjoy His peace!


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