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It might not be possible to have a more perfect day.  It started kinda rainy which cancelled Big Bro’s field trip en route to the school, but about mid morning the sun came out and it is absolutely positively gorgeous outside.  I spent the morning with my parents and little bro at the nursery getting a few plants and then my dad helped me get the raised bed built in the back of the house for my kitchen garden.  I am trying something new this year and putting the salad greens and veggies up by the house for ease of harvest and to make more space for the crops in the garden that I preserve.  It is cooler up here in the woods than down the the yard also, which will be more favorable for the greens anyway.

I hope you are having a good week so far.  I am thankful for the found time today courtesy of the cancelled trip.  I managed to have 4 field trips this week and my presence is requested on them all, so eliminating the longest one was pretty cool.  Last week, for Mother’s  Day I helped out in the flower shop of a friend Thursday through Saturday.  Including travel time, I worked 39 and a half hours in those 3 days.  We did Mother’s Day, 2 proms and 4 funerals.  It was fun but exhausting!  Needless to say I was not thrilled about losing another whole week at the start of gardening season!

So for this lovely Tuesday afternoon, I want to share a song I heard on the way to working in the flower shop last week.  I think its a new release by Building 429 called Press On and it is a feel-good kind of diddy to encourage you to press on despite your circumstances.  We sure will and do find all we need in Christ!  Here you go.  Enjoy!!

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