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Kids Need Their Mom…. To Be Delayed, Rerouted and Cancelled With Poise.

Angela tells a story of a time when she had a speaking engagement to do and her daughter was going to accompany her this time.  She had plane tickets for the two of them yet when they got to the airport, she found out that the reservations were there but there were no tickets. After much discussion and conversation with many people of the airline, they missed their flight.  Turns out the airline had made a mistake and they were able to get a flight out make it to the speaking engagement.

But right after the mistake had been found and as the airline was making it right, her daughter whispered “Good Job, Mom”, gave her a play by play recap of the tense and stressful stuation and followed with “I’m so glad you are different”.

She said she was so glad she hadn’t lost it because she was able to model to her daughter how a godly woman should handle aggravation.  The lesson was far more important than getting to where they were going.

Now, she reminds us that being godly does not mean that we need to cower and back down.  We should by all means stand up for ourselves but with grace.

But it does mean that we should not let ourselves be pulled into the fray of hurtful words and explosive emotions or drawn into an attitude of defensiveness.

Our kids need us to model how to respond to life’s aggravations and difficulties with maturity rather than selfishness.  Teaching this is best done in the heat of the moment.  Thankfully, we can rely on God’s strength in those difficult moments and as we grow in our relationships with Him, we will gain more spiritual  and emotional maturity.

Acting with poise is hard!  So let’s keep our eyes on the outcome of modeling poise in difficult situations…We will see out kids not struggle as much as we do! (at least in this area!)

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