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Listening to Lysa TerKeurst on the radio the other day, I kinda had an ah ha! moment.  She said to stop comparing yourself to other mothers and just “give God your willingness to be a mother“.

That struck me.

“Just give God your willingness to be a mother.”

Hmm.  That has been with me, in the back of my mind and I have been chewing on that.

Not the mother who always prepares healthy food.   Not the mother who never yells.  Not the mother who does everything right.  Not the mother who (insert your nemesis here)….

Just the mother who is willing to be a mother.

Lysa closes the broadcast with this statement:

“Maybe it’s time that we stop unfairly comparing ourselves to others, realize our own great qualities and just be fully ourselves.”

Just be willing to be a mother using all the gifts, talents and qualities that God has graciously bestowed upon us.

God makes no mistakes- he gave us our children because he equipped us with our gifts, talents and qualities to be their momma.  We are the perfect momma for them- we are what they need!  They don’t need what other women are.  They need us they way God created us.

I wonder how much easier it would be to be a mother if we stopped trying to be the perfect one.  And just let it flow out of us.  Let go of all the pressure to do everything right and with perfection, being real with our kids and their needs in that very moment we are in together.

There would for sure be less anxiety, fear and tension.

I bet there would be more hugs, smiles, laughter, compliance and helpfulness.

Thinking about that brought this song to mind.  Amy Grant did an excellent job with this song and as I listened to it in light of motherhood I was reminded to let go and let God do his work through me.  It is all only be His grace, anyway.

Remember- YOU are the PERFECT MOMMA for your kids.

Happy Monday!

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