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Three Things About God’s Goodness That Will Shift Your Perspective.

Are you feeling far away from God?  Has life brought you to a dark valley? Trials and hard times in our lives can tempt us to question God’s goodness and even distance ourselves from Him. With so much emphasis on God’s love and prosperity in mainstream Christianity, it’s easy to become discouraged by the trials that come our way.  When God first prompted me to study His goodness, I fully understood the attributes of God that are big and impersonal- His sovereignty, majesty, omniscience, and omnipotence- the ones where He rules over all and sits on His throne overseeing the

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How to Find Our Hope in Uncertain Times

This week we look towards a new horizon in our world. An unknown horizon.  Like so many people who have gone on before us, we scan the horizon with hope for the new day it brings. We bring our past experiences as we look forward. For centuries, people have looked to the

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Escape the cycles of defeat christian woman

What You Need to Know to Escape the Cycles of Defeat

It was said that 2020 leveled the playing field and in a lot of ways, it did.  We all were brought back to family as we figured out how to provide for, get along with, and protect those in our care.  For moms, it got real.  All of our lives collided into one and we had to juggle it all simultaneously. Many of us were forced to reevaluate priorities and maybe restructure.  We longed to escape the cycles of defeat we found ourselves facing as we adjusted to our new normal.

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How to Enjoy Winter When You’d Rather Be Gardening

January is a beginning in so many ways. The year begins with rest, beauty, and the beginning of unseen growth. It looks like everything has ceased but there’s still plenty of life in the soil.  Life is hiding, just waiting for spring. Enjoying winter as a gardener is quite a treat and a very different experience than enjoying the summer garden. We are able to observe and enjoy rather than being busy tending. Here are 6 ways we can enjoy winter in the garden, even if we’d rather be gardening in the warm sun.

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Is the Good News of Great Joy Still Meaningful Today?

The couch cushions gave way as I sunk into them. It was 5:45 AM and I was trying to wake up. The memory of the day before was still heavy on my mind. Teenage angst had blown up with rage and defiance and that sure destroys a mama’s heart.  I used to sing “The Joy of the Lord is My Strength” under my breath 2 hours into bedtime with this same child when he was younger.  After my patience had been exhausted, it was the only thing keeping me sane for those last few minutes. 
Yes, the joy of the Lord is my strength. To make matters worse, this is the season of Joy. How on earth am I supposed to be joyful…

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How to Find the Hope of Christmas Despite a Difficult Year

The season of Advent is here bringing with it the hope of Christmas. The familiar wreath with purple and pink candles has appeared in our churches calling us to a meaningful season with the flickering light of the flame. The first week’s advent theme appropriately puts the focus on hope. Hope in the biblical sense means looking ahead and forward to something God is doing. In the Old Testament the Jewish people looked forward to the birth of Christ, His first coming,  and for us New Testament believers it means looking forward to Christ’s returning, His second coming. John Wiley put it so eloquently:

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How to Care for Fresh Christmas Decorations- 6 Tips for Success

Fresh cut Christmas greens garland draped railings with twinkling white lights and the fresh cut red and white flowers mixed with boxwood and balsam fir on the table have a way of inspiring me to decorate at Christmastime.  You just can’t beat the look and smell of fresh Christmas decorations.  Fresh Christmas decorations are definitely inspiring and drool-worthy. 

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Do You Need an Inspirational Gift for a Christian Woman?

(This post includes some affiliate links that may result in me earning a small commission should you purchase after clicking one.) I bet you have a special lady on your Christmas list who’s hard to shop for. Maybe she seems to not need anything or what she does need is too expensive for your budget but your relationship requires more than a gift card to Dunkin Donuts.  Just about every year about now I sit down with a lined piece of paper and my favorite gel pen to list out who I need to buy Christmas gifts for. For the

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The Best Thing You Can Do When You’re Not Feeling Grateful

Are you struggling with not feeling grateful this Thanksgiving?  You’re not alone.  This year has been absolutely miserable for so many people. Lost jobs, virtual schooling kids while working your 9-5, and still the struggle to get dinner on the table. But worse because store shelves were empty and we were scared to go shopping!  

As Thanksgiving approaches, my Facebook feed is filling up with grateful posts. You’ve seen them- every day for the month of November people post something they are thankful for.  It’s a great idea but sometimes it’s hard.  Seeing what other people are thankful for can

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This is an invitation for you! Join me!

Do you get caught up in fear, doubt, and insecurity in this me-focused world we live in? Our Facebook feeds are filled with hate.  They remind us of all the things we don’t have and make us think about what could go wrong. It can be hard to stay positive and keep our focus on the Lord sometimes.  When Life Well Inspired was in the beginning stages, God gave me a verse on encouraging others. Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 That verse became the purpose for the blog. 

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