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God is faithful.  It is a truth we know and sometimes take for granted.  But then there are those times that it becomes SO clear.

A few weeks ago I posted about entering crisis mode with big bro.  And how it was time to find a counselor for him as we were seeing the anxiety piece in a new light now that other issues were being worked on and moved out of the way.

The journey of finding a counselor was pretty amazing.  I called all the numbers on my list from the school and checked out websites only to have each one taken off the table one by one- no openings, doesn’t take our insurance, gut feeling saying no, ect.

We were led to a lady about a half hour away.  The initial phone call was like talking with a long lost friend.  She was so friendly I knew this would be a good fit for him, because first and foremost, personality will make or break a relationship before it starts.

Then, I was pleasantly surprised when she recommended working with a natureopath doctor and handed me a bottle of aromatherapy oils to start with.  I so value the natural and holistic approach- looking into nutrition and other options first.

We have seen him level out a bit, with no more lash-outs since starting the oils.  Her approach is to give him skills and practice them with him so the skills become a natural response.  She likened it to firemen who drill regularly drill so that in the adrenaline-pumping situations they don’t have to give much though to what has to be done.  Their response is automatic.

I was blown away again when, at his CSE meeting where we talk about his progress and decide on what therapies and help he will need for the next year, both his speech teacher and the special education teacher that supports 1st grade students have a long-standing working relationship with her.

This is a match made in heaven, of that I am convinced.  I am confident that this is God’s faithfulness showing up with tangibility.  I have said it before that His hand has guided this journey, putting the people and information in place as they were needed at the exact right time and this new step is no exception.

Look for His faithfulness this week and be blessed!

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