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Another favorite book of mine is Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George. In it she carves out 7 areas us women must manage if we are to be pleasing God as a godly woman and be successful at managing life.  I just finished re-reading it and have found it so helpful in my resolution of scheduling my life.  So here I want to summarize the book by life area and the 10 disciplines given to manage each one.  I do suggest getting your hands on a copy and diving into those areas with her yourself, as you will be amazed at what God has to say about how we live our lives.  Scriptures are definitely not quiet in this topic!


  • Make a commitment.
  • Realize that prayer is not optional.
  • Refuse to miss a day.
  • Study the prayers of the Bible.
  • Study the prayers of the saints through the ages.



  • Pray for a healthy body.
  • Acknowledge sin.
  • Walk by the Spirit.
  • Disclipline your body.
  • Excercize regularly.
  • Seek proper sleep and rest.
  • Watch what you eat.
  • Keep a schedule.
  • Take care of your appearance.
  • Commit to a lifelong pursuit of discipline.



  • You shall center your life on the Lord.
  • You shall pray for your husband.
  • You shall know your roles.
  • You shall study your mate.
  • You shall be a servant.
  • You shall follow your husbands leadership.
  • You shall make sure your husband in #1.
  • You shall talk things over.
  • You shall not nag or embarras your husband.
  • You shall make each day fun.



  • You shall center your life on the Lord
  • You shall model true godly character.
  • You shall pray for your children.
  • You shall be there.
  • You shall take your children to church.
  • You shall choose your children over all other people and pursuits.
  • You shall disclipline your children.
  • You shall be your children’s #1 encourager.
  • You shall nurture your marriage.
  • You shall make each day fun.



  • You shall be dedicated to managing your home.
  • You shall be a woman of prayer.
  • You shall be aware of the basics.
  • You shall follow a schedule.
  • You shall be organized.
  • You shall be there.
  • You shall be the best.
  • You shall be reading.
  • You shall be frugal.
  • You shall be creative.



  • You shall not be in debt.
  • You shall not spend more than you make.
  • You shall not buy on credit.
  • You shall not covet what others have.
  • You shall not love money.
  • You shall give regularly to your church.
  • You shall give generously.
  • You shall know your financial condition at all times.
  • You shall have a reserve.
  • You shall practice self control.



  • Be loyal.
  • Do not keep score.
  • Be respectful and sensitive.
  • Be honest…and be attentive.
  • Be careful with the opposite sex.
  • Seek to witness in your encounters.
  • Be an incessant encourager.
  • Prioritize your friendships.
  • Nurture your friendships.
  • Pray for your friends.



  • Be reading your Bible.
  • Be memorizing.
  • Be developing.
  • Be preparing.
  • Be sharing.
  • Be challenged.
  • Be varied.
  • Be continuing.
  • Be reviewing.
  • Be selective.



  • Develop 5 “fat files”.
  • Determine your spiritual gifts.
  • Develop your spiritual gifts.
  • Do pray for ministry opportunities.
  • Do accept the challange to grow.
  • Do allow yourself to be stretched.
  • Do support others in ministry.
  • Do pray for your pastors and leaders.
  • Don’t neglect your family for ministry.
  • Decide ministry is for life.


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