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Saturday my mother-in-law and I got to visit Linwood Gardens. We were like two kids in a candy store not sure exactly what to look at or take in next. We left the boys with the men and went over to York. What a hidden gem of a place. The gardens must have been quite something in their prime. The owners of the property can trace themselves back to Jamestown during the time of the pilgrims and ended up in Buffalo, quite wealthy. This place was the summer home. The big interest and show is Tree Peonies and although we missed the flower peak which will most likely be next weekend, it was still a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with plenty of spring color to be seen. These pictures are a few of my favorite scenes of the gardens.

This picture does not do this tree justice.  I was awestruck when I rounded the corner and saw this tree, in all its glory, weeping and touching the ground.  I bet it created at least a 30′ wide circle.  It would make an incredible place for kids to play!


This is the trunk inside the tree.  I was almost laying on the ground to get this all in the shot.  Just incredible!


The entrance to what was a one-acre walled vegetable garden that fed the family and the staff during the summer.  There were garden beds all around the inside of the wall with a pathway separating the traditional row-type gardens from the outside edge gardens.  The traditional row garden area was segmented into 4 quadrants.  Although it is just unmowed grass right now, it wasn’t hard to imagine it in its full glory!


This is the driveway along the above walled garden that right now was lined by Redbud trees.  I can only imagine how old those trees were and all that they could tell if they could talk!  Discovering this just about took my breath away.


This blossom was literally the size of a breakfast plate-at least 8″ across if not more.  And so delicate- it looked like tissue paper.


If only a picture could capture the scent… simply intoxicating!

I left with renewed inspiration and motivation for my own yard and gardens plus a refreshed landscape passion.  Isn’t it amazing what some fresh perspective will do?

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