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How to Become a Light in the Darkness

When we follow the narrow path, we become the light in the darkness.

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad Halloween is over. There is clearly a need for some light in the darkness. The decorations grieve my spirit because they reveal a dangerous lack of understanding of God’s holiness.

It seems that the more accepted woke culture is in our society, the more satanic and demonic activity has increased. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that Halloween decorations have been more ghoulish and demonic in nature set out earlier and earlier. I have also noticed there are more and more psychic fairs and other such community events. As I observe life around me, I also can’t help but notice the causal attitude regarding heaven and hell.

We must remember one thing.

At the end of time, everyone who doesn’t believe in the Lord will spend eternity separated from Him in hell. A deep, dark, hot place of torment. All that the world dances with and celebrates now will become a tragic, horrific reality.

Unfortunately, hell has been glamorized, deceiving people into thinking it will be one big party. Oh, how it makes me shudder to think that people are misled as to what really awaits them after a lifetime of not understanding God’s holiness. There aren’t enough people standing up against evil and sounding the warning bell, so by the time many people realize their mistake, it will be too late.

When we follow the narrow path, we become a light in the darkness. As Christians, our lives are supposed to represent the Lord. The Bible tells us we can’t be lukewarm. It also tells us that broad is the way that leads to destruction. Doing what everyone else does doesn’t make us a light for Jesus. Fitting in puts us on that broad road. In all seriousness, I would say that the Lord requires consecration from His people. He expects us to live a life set apart for Him. That means our lives will be the opposite of the majority around us in our behavior.

God cannot exist with evil.

Therefore, as we are maturing in our faith and becoming more like Christ, we should seek to remove evil from our lives, too. This set-apart life comes from a place of surrender to His sovereignty and a desire to live for Him. The desire to live within His bounds and fulfill the plans for our lives comes as our relationship with Him grows.

And while being consecrated, living for the Lord and walking with Him, sounds like it’s all that and a dozen roses, I’ll be the first to tell you it doesn’t mean the consecrated person is any better than someone else. It’s not something to brag about. It’s simply a reality and a mindset that determines how someone lives and chooses to behave. And that person still messes up, fights temptation, gets mad, yells at the kids, jumps to wrong conclusions, goes off in a huff, or flips out, although those things do have less of an occurrence as time goes on.

Living a consecrated life enables us to see God’s fingerprints everywhere and realize the gravity of eternity. It is from this place of perspective that we receive the boldness to speak out to others about Jesus. And from within this place, our hearts begin to truly care about where others will spend eternity. We want everyone to have that intimate relationship with the Lord. Experience a relationship with the Lord now, and ultimately spend eternity in heaven.

I’ve written before about the scariest verse in the Bible and the difference between knowing about God and actually knowing Him. When you know God and He can say He knows you, your perspective changes. Life has a whole different flavor. And while it’s amazing, it gets heavy, too.

The consecrated life comes with a burden.

The burden is knowing people who don’t take Him seriously and aren’t daily walking with Him won’t spend eternity with Him either. This burden enables us to walk out the great commission.  Our mission is to make disciples and share Jesus with a lost and dying world.

Oh, people have no idea what they will be missing out on or even the depth of suffering that awaits them because they are content to stay in their depravity and celebrate it. Further, I believe many people have the “head knowledge” of God- they believe in Him and attend church- but don’t have the “heart knowledge” of the Lord, which means they don’t actually know Him.

While we have the choice to follow the Lord in response to God’s call on our life,  the changing of our perspective and then our actions are not as much within our control. The Bible says while our faith saves us, it is our works that justify us. As we keep our eyes on Jesus, He does the work of changing us from the inside out. Our actions and the fruit our life produces become the identifying factor. Once you genuinely walk with the Lord and understand God’s holiness, you won’t be able to participate in activities that He would consider evil.

God enables you to become a light in the darkness as you walk with Him.

We don’t always realize that the transformation is happening. But one day He opens our eyes to how different we have become. Sometimes, we suddenly realize we don’t fit in with the people around us. Other times, when what’s going on around us pricks our spirit. It becomes clear we’re on a different path than the rest of the world. Then we can give thanks for God’s work in our life and take comfort in the assurance of our salvation.  After all, that awareness and change does not come to those who aren’t saved.

If He’s calling us to a life of consecration, He will clarify our understanding of His holiness. May our lights shine before men and illuminate the narrow way to eternal life!

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