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We Need To Be Lifting America Up In Prayer

Wow has there been a lot of backlash after this election.  It is so sad to see the people of America behaving as they are and doing so much damage, both emotionally and physically.  Personally, I am relieved that someone was elected who will uphold and fight for our constitution and America.  I love that he has sound, solid people advising him.  As an example, this is the heart of our vice president-elect.

Sitting back and observing what’s going on in the aftermath is interesting.  The anger, hatred and destruction does not surprise me simply because men who will stand up for God, good morals, and true freedom are bound to be met with opposition.  I truly believe that all this backlash is demonic work.  Evil hates good and the dark hates the light.  There is so much more here than what meets the eye.

Knowing our Christian faith is less under fire now, I feel more courageous.  Do you feel it too?  I feel like God has blessed America or at the very least shown us a great mercy and has not unleashed judgement on us just yet.  For that reason, we need to make the most of this mercy and exercise our freedom to bring others to Christ.  We need to live lives that testimony to our salvation and bring glory to God.  That includes prayer.

There is no doubt in my mind that we witnessed what I heard called a modern day miracle when Trump became our president-elect.  God is moving in America.  Many prayers were heard and pre-election and answered.  But, many many more prayers of the righteous are needed still as we move forward.

I feel strongly that we need to be in prayer for our country, leaders and presidential team.  I have felt God’s prompt and I plan to be offering a prayer prompt daily on Facebook and Twitter and a weekly written prayer here on the blog. 

As I mentioned before Trump’s win is nothing short of a miracle.  He has his faults, as we all do, but everyone can be used by God regardless of themselves. In response to God’s intervention, we need to pray now more than ever.  The pressure will be great to abandon God’s ways and the promises he made that got him elected.

Lord, Today we come before you on behalf of America and pray for her. We pray that you will turn your people back to you, that you would make us bold, courageous, and strong. We pray for the leaders of today finishing up their term. Please prevent them from leaving behind a mess for President Trump to clean up. Please block attempts to frustrate President Trump's first 100 days. We pray for the leaders freshly elected just beginning their term. We pray that they would seek your face as they begin to lead our country. Please give Donald Trump patience as he faces opposition in his taking office and leading America. Pave the way, Lord for his agenda to be started and quickly worked out. Help him to boldly and courageously follow you. Thank you for working in America and showing us your power. Thank you for your sovereign hand working here still. Thank you for not forsaking us. We pray that you would revive us again to be Your people. Continue your work here, Lord, and please guide the appointment of men and women to the 4000 positions needing to be filled that will uphold the constitution and stand true to America's christian roots. Please raise up men like Joshua, Gideon, and Rahab to lead us. Thank you, Father, that nothing is impossible with you. Protect America, Lord, from the evil that is tearing her apart right now in the wake of the election. Thwart the darts of the devil, Lord, that are showing up as hate, violence, lies, misunderstanding and childish behavior. Move in a mighty way, Lord, and protect us we pray. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.


Be sure to either signup for my email list or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter to join me.  I am going to be using #LiftingAmericaUpInPrayer.

America is in desperate need for prayer warriors in she is going to be great again.  I hope you will join me as I lift America up in prayer!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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