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Inspiration took a different form this week.  Our cat, the one we rescued as a kitten, became a mommy.  She had 4 kittens a few days ago.  So I thought I would share what has been all the rave our our house.

She had been nesting somewhere outside but I prepared a box for her inside in the office closet.  A few nights ago she was standing funny and arching her back which made me wonder if that would be the night.  She dissappeared for a while and when I went looking for her, sure enough, there were little ones under her.  I got to watch the last one be born, which was pretty neat.

But the part that was so cool was she chose Grandma’s chair to birth them in.  Pretty ironic, because grandma rocked lots of babies in that chair.  I don’t think any of her own, but at least grandbabies and great grandbabies.

I rescued that chair off the junk pile and took it to college with me.  It was quite comfortable in its worn out state but about a year ago it got too worn out to stay with me and landed in the basement.  I was planning on taking it to the dump for good on Saturday, but apparently not before it nurtured life one last time.

I moved them in the office, so I could protect them a bit and I am still taking the chair away on Saturday.

Here are the little bundles of joy:





We are anxiously awaiting when they open their eyes and can come out and play.  But the boys have been super gentle with them.

One interesting thing I noticed- Sweetie purrs when the kittens are nursing.  It is so amazing how God programed her to know just what to do as she birthed them and then takes care of them- and she is totally happy doing so.

Life teaches the best lessons.  I’m thinking I should take a cue from Sweetie and trust the process to enjoy the ride!

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