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Just Say Jesus, by 7enth Time Down

I caught part of an interview on KLOVE with these guys and was really impressed.  They were talking about their band name and what it means.  It comes from the story in the Old Testament where Naaman was told to dip in the river 7 times and his leprosy would be healed.  He resisted for a while, but then surrendered to the Lord and was healed on the seventh time down.

Inspiration from an Old Testament story was pretty cool and I really respect how they described their mission:

“There was a point when we said, ‘Let’s be in a band and play music because it’s fun and let’s sing about God because it’s what we know,’” Cliff Williams said, “but there was definitely a point about three or four years back where the focus turned from playing music to ministering in the best way we know how. As musicians, the best way we know how to minister is through music.”

I have fallen in love with their latest song, Just Say Jesus.  Sometimes, that’s all we can say!

If you want more information on the band, I found a really good bio on their facebook page.

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