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This morning we had the most wonderful time at Hemlock park.   Initially we were supposed to meet another family but we got there a few minutes before they did. The boys went right to the water, looked at the fish and seaweed then ran up and down the sloping sides, back and forth down the edge.  I couldn’t help but suck in my breath after cresting the top of the stairs…. the water was such a beautiful shade of blue and the forest surrounding the lake was just lush and green.  I couldn’t help but feel the tensions melt away with the gentle fresh breeze.

I love the unexpected blessings that pop up sometimes!  This park brings memories to mind.  Hubby and I got engaged in the gazebo over subs and a few years ago we had a relaxing and connecting hike along the one side of the lake.  My favorite part was discovering a stony beach and just sitting a while.

That was actually the beginning of our search for help in our parenting journey- when we realized more was needed.

Funny how a few years later so much had changed.  It is good to reflect sometimes.

The playdate went well- the kids had a great time and I enjoyed the company with my friend, but the best part for me was after they left.  My boys were not yet ready to leave and I was craving some more time near the lake, so we all walked on the slope as far as we could go.  Sometimes hand in hand, other times in a line; we walked and looked at the fish, saw a boat in the water and then watched a heron for a while.  It caught a fish, ate it and stood so still looking for more.

I realize how all that we have been doing has been worthwhile.  There are actually measurable results.  It seemed he got out the sensory needs by the time our friends left and he was calm, quiet and peaceful for the last part of our time there- he watched the heron with me for 4 or 5 minutes.  The diet, the activities, the advice and coaching put into practice and all the hard personal work I have done has all been worthwhile.  Hard? Yes.  But all worthwhile.  Finished?  No, but at least I can say we are making progress and gaining ground.

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