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Our pastor’s sermon yesterday was amazing.  He spoke about John the Baptist and why God called him great.  How he was great because the Lord said he was despite the fact that by the cultural political and spiritual standards he was a failure.  He was filled with the Holy Spirit from within the womb and his life’s calling was to prepare the way for Jesus, softening the hearts of the people.  He separated himself and forsook basically everything in the culture.  He was content with Jesus and letting him lead, without all the world offered.

We sang this song at church yesterday, actually before the sermon, and it has never been so to clear to me- even clearer after the sermon.  I sang this and realized I meant every word.  God has been working powerfully in my life and I can truly say that I’d rather have Jesus and let him lead.  My life is His.

This song touches on being content with out all the things this world affords today.  And just like John the Baptist forsaking the cultural norms of his day and totally devoting his life to the Lord to be used by him, I have reached a point of surrender.  I feel as though today my past and all I have been taught/learned is gone.  It’s me and Jesus walking together.  I know I will have what I need, when I need it and that he will help me remember what it is I need to know- what truth I have been taught.

A Facebook friend posted this on her wall today and it is so fitting- just what I needed to hear while I process what God is teaching me.

Contentment vs. Covetousness
We need to realize that God has provided everything I need for my current happiness.

“But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”
1Timothy 6:8

I am not saying that we need to be as radical as John the Baptist.  God doesn’t call everyone to the same lives.  But we need to be very careful that we don’t let ourselves be swept away with the latest and the greatest things.

I have been struggling lately with the lack of technology in my possession.  I am a techie at heart.  But the desires were getting bigger and bigger and those seeds of covetousness and jealously were creeping in.

God has steped in and given me great perspective.  He is so powerful, ever-present, and ever-moving in our lives.

God has given me my family and a beautiful piece of property, food, shelter and clothes.  Best of all, he has given me his Holy Spirit.  I truly do have everything  need to be happy!

Thank you, Lord, for the lessons you teach and that you truly never leave us or forsake us.

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