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For some reason, I felt the need to go back and visit my first post for this year.  I had forgotten what word I chose and the goals I had set.  Imagine that.  Alot of good goals will do if you forget what you are working towards.  *sigh*  Such is life, I suppose.

Anyhow, when my page loaded, I really truly about fell out of my seat.  After I read my word, which is intentional, by the way, I read the verse that had spoken to me back in January.  Which is when I almost fell off my seat.

Isaiah passage

I truly had no idea just how relevant those verses would be.  Looking back they almost foreshadow how the year would unfold.  My plan was to be intentional with Hubby and the boys and with the housekeeping and household management.  With homeschooling and the pregnancy, I had no choice but to be intentional, it was simply required.  And our family relationships have improved as had the overall atmosphere in our home.

God has blessed our obedience to his call and leading to “forget the past.”  We are beginning to see the streams in the desert.  Removing Big Bro from the busy sensory-overwhelming school atmosphere has done wonders for his disposition and learning.  God truly is doing a new thing, a wonderful thing.  I am so very thankful for His movement in our lives.

Being intentional has caused me to be MIA here on the blog.  I have been so overwhelmed and enveloped in real life taking care of myself and my family it has just been recently that I have realized how much I have missed writing, taking pictures, studying God’s word  and having a relationship with Him.

God has been faithful through these past few months and I have been sustained by my study of Genesis and Job.  That sweet, deep, rich time I enjoyed with God sustained me through the hard dry valley I just travelled through.  Life surely is an ebb and flow, cycling much like nature’s seasons.

Being intentional this past year brought progress in my efforts to stay on too of the housework which was thrilling to see and feel the change.  Its not any easier, but I have seen my discipline become stronger.  I still fall flat on my face and succumb to piles of paper, dishes and kid paraphinalia but the important thing is that I’m restoring order sooner.

What a year 2015 turned out to be!

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