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How I Want to Live My Life


How I want to live my life just became super clear to me as I read the promotional series from Lysa TerKEurst of Proverbs31 ministries.  She is releasing a new book soon called The Best Yes and I signed up for the 5 day devotional series that I suppose is meant to whet my appetite for the book.  The first email came right away along with a link to read the first chapter and WOW.  It blew me away.  It did for sure whet my appetite and I will be reading the book but its because I am sensing that God will meet and speak to me through this book.

Three lines in her email all but stopped me in my tracks.  I will reflect on the past 4 and a half months next time but this quote pretty much put words to my thought process of reflection.  I hope their perspective inspires you like it did for me!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “How I Want to Live My Life”

  1. I started reading these yesterday too! Only I hadn’t read it yet when I read your post- which made me want to go read it! Haha. Thanks friend!

  2. Dear Lucille, Thank you for this post. The picture is beautiful! And the message compelled me to check it out and pre-order the book. Sometimes things come to us in just the right moments to make our hearts sing and it sounds like her work does that for you! Good stuff. Thanks again for sharing.

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