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Hello Friends.   I know it had been quite a while since I have written here. The last few months have been quite crazy.  I have learned how to navigate the gluten free diet after learning big bro has low serotonin levels and would benefit from being gluten free.  My research to help him led me personally down the Paleo diet road so I have been grain free and learning to navigate paleo during that time as well. Throw a couple holidays, reactions when he got into something plus normal everyday life and something had to give.
Amongst all the craziness, though, I was finally able to nail down a housekeeping routine and I’m thrilled to say my house is in order right now. That is NO small feat for me. One goal I have is for the housework, cooking and baking to fly under the radar.   The way it has been those things have dominated my life not leaving room for much else adding to the stress and chaos.
2014 is going to be different. I came across an idea that I want to play with this year instead of a New Year’s resolution.   I am choosing a theme for this year.   Actually it’s a phrase that I am hoping to weave through my life and reach the boys too. 

Peaceful Calm.


I want my home, emotions, life, thoughts, actions and words to be peacefully calm. This is actually going to take the work of the Holy Spirit because it’s not something I can achieve on my own. And it is going to take sweet time alone with the Lord also.
Envisioned in my mind, this idea of incorporating a theme into my year is like a pretty pink ribbon weaving in and out through flowers on a wreath, connecting them into one whole piece.
Achieving peaceful calm in my home in part means helping big bro learn how to handle his emotions. Picking a theme actually gives me focus on choosing how best to work with him.  This also means working with more medical professionals as well as staying consistent with the Nurtured Heart Approach and incorporating more biblical measures into the mix.
But one thing at a time because we are actually only guaranteed the moment we are in right now.
Have you thought about resolutions or themes for the coming year? I’d love to hear whats brewing in your life!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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