Do you feel like God's promises somehow don't apply to you?

Does it feel like you won't experience God's goodness 
until you get to Heaven?

Trials and hard times in our lives can tempt us to question God’s goodness and even distance ourselves from Him. With so much emphasis on God’s love and prosperity in mainstream Christianity, it’s easy to become discouraged by the trials that come our way. One way we cope with the trials is to begin believing God’s goodness must be for other people, and we’ll finally experience it once we get to Heaven.

But that’s not what the Bible says.

When God first prompted me to study His goodness, I fully understood the attributes of God that are big and impersonal- His sovereignty, majesty, omniscience, and omnipotence- the ones where He rules over all and sits on His throne overseeing the world.  But I lacked an understanding of the comforting and personal side of Him- His compassion, gentleness, love, and goodness.  

It’s confusing when the sovereign God who is in control of everything is allowing year after year of trial after trial. We need a shift in thinking to understand the gentleness, compassion, goodness, and love of God.  That’s exactly what God led me to do and what you’ll learn in this study.  As I began digging into what the Bible had to say about goodness, He quickly showed me 3 things. 

Goodness is an attribute of God.

Enjoy a perspective shift as you learn to see this attribute at play each day. God is good.  The trials and the hard times don’t change that. If anything, they blind us to it.

There are three parts to His goodness

Be comforted as you begin to see how abundant His goodness really is. Three parts to God’s goodness means 3 times the ways we can experience His goodness in our day.  

Goodness has three meanings

You will be amazed at how God’s hand is truly in everything. Three meanings increase the ways we can identify God’s goodness in the everyday moments of our lives.

God's goodness has the ability to transform you from...




feeling far away from God


being aware of His hand in everything

feeling like the world is against you


being able to detach from difficult times

feeling unseen and forgotten


feeling loved and taken care of.


It’s a 52-week devotional journaling experience to discover God’s goodness in your life.

Still think God’s goodness doesn’t apply to you because your life is hard? 

Sometimes life is so hard it’s impossible to even identify His goodness, let alone experience it. But the truth is, God’s goodness does apply to you even when life is overwhelmingly painful, and it’s there, even when hidden from your view. This guided experience will teach you what God’s goodness is so you can identify it. Take a journey with me through the Bible to study the three meanings of God’s goodness in both the Old and New Testaments.  You will discover the connection between the difficult times in your life and God’s goodness.  It will make all the difference. Throughout this devotional journaling series you’ll learn:

  • how to identify God’s goodness in your life
  • the purpose of God’s goodness
  • the 3 meanings of goodness throughout the Bible
  • how it applies to your lives
  • and more!

Each Sunday, you will receive an email that includes a devotional, a passage of scripture for deeper reading, and a journal prompt.  Using what you learn, you will then write down a way you have experienced God’s goodness each day on the journaling pages provided.

Here's what's included...

  • 52 devotionals with a deeper reading selection
  • A journal prompt to accompany each devotional
  • Printable journal pages delivered each week
  • Weekly emails delivering the printables for accountability
  • BONUS! Quick reference guide
  • BONUS! Floral monthly tracking sheet option
  • BONUS! Access to all the printables up front

This is for you if....

  • you think God’s promises doesn’t apply to you.
  • you feel like life is going to swallow you whole.
  • you think you can’t be able to experience God’s goodness til andheaven.
  • you feel far away from God.
  • you feel like God is punishing you, somehow.

This is NOT for you if....

  • you can identify with the promises you read in the Bible
  • life is going really well.
  • you are able to easily find things to be grateful for.
  • your trials are not wrecking you.
  • you can separate yourself from the hard circumstances you encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How involved is this study?
This study is not too in-depth.  There’s a short devotional and reading selection to read and a journal prompt to consider each Sunday but the real work is done prayerfully each day as you apply what you’ve learned to identify God’s goodness.

How does this work?
Each Sunday, you will receive an email that includes a devotional, a passage of scripture for deeper reading, and a journal prompt.  Using what you learn, you will then write down a way you have experienced God’s goodness each day throughout the week. 

What are the journal pages like?
I provide two options.  One is a monthly tracking sheet with one line for each day. You will need a separate notebook for journaling. The second is a weekly two-page spread with more room to record how you are experiencing God’s goodness and space to write your response to the journal prompt. 

Is this one large file to download? 
No.  Each week is its own document and I will send you the link to download it every Sunday.  However, I have put all the weeks downloads on one page so that you can download and print as many ahead as you would like.

Hi! I'm Lucille.

It’s nice to meet you!
I don’t know what circumstances you’re going through that are threatening to swallow you whole and are the clouds that are blocking the sunshine of God’s goodness in your life, but I want you to know I have felt the intense pressure of life’s trials, also. Many times. It’s been 13 years and counting of fairly intense trials to some degree for me.

When God invited me to study His goodness, I was in the thick of what I call trials within trials. Anxiety was plaguing me as a result of an imbalance in my body, we were in the thick of things with my oldest son and trying to homeschool with an infant and a toddler, plus my hubby’s job was at its most stressful point.  All three had been ongoing trials that weaved in and out of my life for many years.  

Sometimes it’s hard (maybe nearly impossible) to identify, much less feel, God’s goodness.

Things went from bad to worse and and I became aware that studying God’s goodness for myself before the most intense trials hit is exactly how I got through them.  On On the other side, once I learned to identify and experience His goodness, I became indescribably grateful for His goodness.  It was and still is my lifeline. My trials are the reason this study exists and I would be honored to walk with you through this study, so that you, too, can become grateful for God’s goodness and see it in the beautiful and the hard times. 

I don’t share my story to seek sympathy or pity, but to help you see you aren’t alone in deep waters!  One of the devil’s greatest weapons is to make us feel alone, that no one else has experienced what we are going through, and therefore no one could possibly understand.  Remember, even Peter started to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus.  Our struggles don’t mean our faith is week, or we don’t believe, it just means we need to lean in harder to seek Jesus.  So…

Will you join me on the journey to experience God's goodness for yourself?

Being aware of God’s moving and working in your life can be perspective-shifting and life-changing. 
The challenge here is to identify one way God shows you His goodness in your life every day. 
Embark on an incredible journey this year!  

For $37.00, discover God’s goodness in your life through devotions and journaling in this 52-week guided Bible Study experience.