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ProvisionPromiseRecently, I have felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.  Not from big bro, though, but from our economy, the condition of our country, political decisions being made and disasters happening all over the place.  It is so easy to be swallowed up in fear when things are happening that we don’t like or agree with yet are powerless to change.

So yet again I find myself clinging to God’s promises of provision and praying against that fear that is not necessary.  God tells us flat out that we have not been given a spirit of fear (1 Timothy 1:7) and reminds us that he even clothes and feeds the birds (Matthew 6:26).

As I was fighting against the fear and asking God for help, he brought a few things to my attention that pointed me in the right direction.  Fresh perspective and God’s direction set me up on my feet with purpose.

One thing that came in the mail was my copy of the No Greater Joy magazine and its entire publication was about emergency preparedness.  Not the preparedness the world suggests with its gas masks and years worth of food supplies, but preparedness in the way of survival skills and living off the land. (I was beginning to wonder how in the world I was going to buy a few years worth of food and supplies in a few short months, anyway.  I think that was half the anxiety!)

And then a video crossed my path that explained the economic situation we were in, what to expect and how to handle it.  Amazingly, the truth set me free, so to speak.  I am not sure if what I heard will be realized, but understanding the worst-case scenario helped me determine a course of action. Of course, preparedness looks differently for every family.  That is important to keep in mind because we don’t want to start judging others who are not preparing like we are!

God also brought Proverbs 31 to my mind, specifically the part where the wife of noble character has no fear for her household and can laugh at the days to come (verses 21b and 25b).  If you read through the whole passage, you can see all the things she does in keeping her house and taking care of her family that enables her that freedom.  Finally, the last part of Matthew 6 resonated.  I had not connected the two, but right after he talks about not worrying and God’s provisions comes this verse:


A common-known truth became plain as day.  Seeking God and following His plan for your days will enable you to be free from worry.  He will give you the information you need, the desire and self-discipline to use the information and the attitude for success in what he is calling you to do.  Right now I can say that God’s peace is resting on me as I am learning new things and taking on new tasks and responsibilities.  Along the way, I have realized that even if worst-case scenario never happens, we will be in better heath and better off financially on the other side.

I am not quite laughing at the days to come, but I am thankful that fear is not consuming me!

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