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If there’s one thing that I have learned from my struggles being Bog Bro’s mama, it’s this:  God is Amazing.

Hands down, without a doubt amazing.

God is Amazing

I just gave the blog a facelift in answer to God’s calling.  Well, re-calling.  Its been almost 2 years since I have been faithful to blog here.  Truthfully, I have been walking through a wilderness and there has not been much inspiration flowing for me.  Between pregnancy and a new baby, beginning to find our way in the homeschooling lifestyle, and dealing with the normal chaos from being Big Bro’s mama, I have been hard pressed to be inspired to do anything beyond keeping clothes clean, bellies fed, lessons taught, and the house *somewhat* clean.

But He’s been gently reminding me that its time to get going again.  God works in wonderful ways and I keep hearing scriptures and songs that remind me about the blog.  So, I revamped the blog and will be at it again, Lord willing.  Since my inspiration has run dry, I have asked God to provide the content because I don’t really feel like I have anything to write.

Anyway, as I was poking around and reading a few earlier posts that I came across, I had to smile.  I came across this post from August of 2012 and I was in the exact same place I am now.  I wrote, “Between the diet and all the OT needs of my son, I had forgotten the path of personal growth I was traveling on with the Lord.  In true mommy fashion, all else paled in comparison to the crisis we faced at home and at school.”  Its amazing to see that He has been sustaining me.  He hasn’t made it better or fixed the problem.  In some ways it has been worse than ever.  But he has been right there giving me what I need to take another step.

Sometimes we want God to behave like a genie and fix everything with one word.  But although He’s fully capable of doing things like that, there are often lessons and beauty in the struggle.  Not to mention the maturity that the trials produce in us.  I’m still processing the sermon about the Crown of Life and how we should “remain under” the trials as the proper biblical response.

Seeing that post really reminded me that He’s been with me through it all and that He is sovereign and in control.  It has been a long four years to say the least but to God’s glory, I am not the same person I was and our family now has a different dynamic.

God is Amazing.

I find myself in the same place of forgetting myself to help my son.  However, I am not the same person in the same place.  That’s what persevering through the trials produced.   I have wanted God to be a genie and let the book I was reading or the diet we were trying to be the thing that made him and us “normal”.  But He has much grander plans.  I am beginning to think this is our normal and there is much growth and maturity to come that will bring God glory.

Apparently, He’s dusting me off and sending me on my way again.  He has given me more insight into helping Big Bro overcome whatever his issue is.  This time it seems to truly be getting us somewhere.  From deep inside, I am feeling a springtime of sorts.  If so, I am ready to feel normal again.

I keep praying for peace and calm in our home.  God is a God of order and peace and I’m not going to settle for chaos and tension.  I’m going to keep pressing on in His strength.  Wherever you find yourself in the seasons of life, friend, I just want to encourage you to keep pressing on and to keep pressing into Him.  He will see you through!

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